2/15: The Day the World Said No to War

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    Connie Koch, Barbara Sauermann

    Publisher: AK Press

    Year: 2003

    Format: Hardcover

    Size: 240 pages

    ISBN: 9781902593852

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“One little person giving all her time to peace makes news. Many people giving some of their time can make history”—Peace Pilgrim

“Peace is a daily battle for dignity”—Arundhati Roy

“[A] new force for peace and justice throughout the country and around the world has been generated . . . strong enough to stop outrageous wars and creative enough to bring lasting change.”—Leslie Cagan

This stunning full-color collection of photographs and statements is a stirring document of the largest peace demonstration in history.

A dramatic collection of 131 photos from peace demonstrations spanning 38 countries. Amsterdam; Baghdad; Bombay; Cape Town; Dhaka; Glasgow; Karachi; Moscow; New York; Rio De Janeiro; Ross Island, Antarctica; San Francisco; Seoul; Tehran; Tel Aviv; Toronto are among the many cities featured. A forward by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and contributions from Kofi Anan, Noam Chomsky, Gunter Grass, A.L. Kennedy, Michael Moore, Camille Paglia, Tim Robbins, Susan Sontag and many more comprise a moving and motivating document of the largest simultaneous peace protest in history.

2/15 captures the thoughts and emotions of February 15, 2003 and the 30 million people from around the world who marched, danced, sang, and shook the globe in their opposition to an imminent U.S.-led war against Iraq. As international and diverse as the protests themselves, the images and ideas within 2/15 express opinions and questions which resonate far beyond the Iraq crisis, while preserving the mostcaptivating moments and messages from this historic movement for peace.

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