Upping The Anti #7

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    Editor(s): Upping the Anti

    Publisher: Upping the Anti

    Year: 2008

    Format: journal

    Size: 207 pages


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The October 2008 edition of this radical journal of theory and action from Toronto, Canada.

Table of Contents of Upping the Anti #7


The Moment of Danger: Catastrophe and Actualization


Clayton Thomas-Müller—Just Environmentalism? Kara Gillies—Sex Work and the State Chris Harris—Building to Building, Hood to Hood


Nava EtShalom & Matthew N. Lyons—“Bring on the bulldozers and let’s plant trees”: The Story of Labour Zionism Tom Keefer—Declaring the Exception: Direct Action, Six Nations, and the Stuggle in Brantford Kole Kilibarda—Confronting Apartheid: The BDS Movement in Canada


Clare O’Connor & Caitlin Hewitt-White—Labour Solidarity For Palestine: Unions and the BDS Movement with Dave Bleakney, Iliam Burbano, Andy Griggs, and Jenny Peto Kimiko Inouye Home and a Hard Place: A Roundtable on Migrant Labour with Evelyn Calugay, Tess Tesalona, Adriana Paz, Alywin Lo, and Chris Ramsaroop


Neil Balan on Slavoj Zizek's "In Defense of Lost Causes" Alejandro de Acosta on Simon Critchley's "Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Poltics of Resistance" Jen Angel on Stephen Duncombe's "Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy" Bryan Doherty on John Hagedorn's "A World of Gangs: Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture"

Book Details

Editor: Upping the Anti
Format: journal
Size: 207 pages
Publisher: Upping the Anti
Year: 2008

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