Ten Thousand Roses: The Making Of A Feminist Revolution

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    Judy Rebick

    Publisher: Penguin Books

    Year: 2005

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 304 pages

    ISBN: 9780143015444

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Ten Thousand Roses is a rich tapestry of stories told by over a hundred feminists from across Canada who organized, discussed, protested and struggled for change. Legalized abortion, resistance to male violence, pay equity and employment equity, legal equality through the Charter, pornography, anti-racism, action against poverty, rights for Aboriginal women and child care: these are the issues that rallied Canadian women to activism from the 1960s through the 1990s, the second wave of feminism.

Judy Rebick, feminist activist, weaves together an insightful and stirring oral history full of four decades of struggle, defeat and triumph. The book also offers honest and insightful discussions of the differences that simultaneously divided and strengthened the women's movement in its efforts to remake a male-dominated culture. These stories define the Canadian women's movement as one of the most successful on the planet and open a treasure chest of knowledge for anyone wanting to make a better world.

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