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    Jeffrey Free Luers, Rob Los Ricos Thaxton

    Publisher: LeftWingBooks

    Year: 2005

    Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet

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Both of the authors are eco-anarchist prisoners serving time for their activities—Thaxton received a 7 year sentence on charges of assault and riot on the June 18th "Day of International Action Against the Global Economy" and Luers received a staggering 22 year sentence for setting fire to three SUVs. Here they lay out their ideas on what is needed to stop the empire. An action-oriented, caffeinated plea for radical resistance from two guys who walked their talk and are now paying the price. Proceeds from the sale of this pamphlet go to benefit the authors.

Book Details

Author: Rob Los Ricos Thaxton
Author: Jeffrey Free Luers
Format: Saddle-stitched pamphlet
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2005

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