Girls' Studies: Seal Studies

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    Elline Lipkin

    Publisher: Seal Press

    Year: 2009

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 258 pages

    ISBN: 9781580052481

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Professors and students alike are taking interest in Girls' Studies--the socialization of girls versus boys--and beginning to analyze the impact of media, pop culture, messaging, and more on America's girls. Girls' Studies tackles socialization and gender expectations, body image, and media impact, and gives insight into girl empowerment and how to equip our girls for a brighter future. Elline Lipkin, a research scholar with the Center for the Study of Women at UCLA, addresses girlhood in the U.S. from various issues-based perspectives, including Body Image, Health, and Sexuality; Socialization and Gender Expectations; and Girls and Media. This text includes a forward-looking chapter, encouraging readers to consider all the ways—education, mentorship, activism—they might take real steps to promote empowering our girls as we look to the future.

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