From the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond

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    Morty Diamond (ed.)

    Publisher: Manic D Press

    Year: 2004

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 176 pages

    ISBN: 9780916397968

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Born female yet little identified with that gender, these transgender, genderqueer, third gender, and gender variant writers offer personal insights into changing gender identity, dating, workplace issues, and more. This book shines light on those who identify as FTM (female to male) and also illuminates those whose gender is more fluid, proving that biology doesn’t control destiny.

About the Editor

Morty Diamond is a transsexual writer/ artist/ filmmaker who has edited two anthologies showcasing the trans experience from the perspective of transgender, transsexual and gender variant writers: From the Inside Out (Manic D Press) and Trans/Love (Manic D Press). Morty has directed two movies, Trans Entities and Trannyfags, both of which document the trans experience/trans bodies through moving images. Diamond also uses performance art to make gender and trans bodies visible in public spaces. Past pieces include "My Year In Pink," in which he wore head to toe pink everyday for a full year and "Ask A Tranny," where he allowed strangers to ask him questions about transsexuality while sitting at a booth set up in Time Square. Morty has lectured as a guest artist and speaker on transgender issues at universities such as NYU, Sarah Lawrence, and Vassar. Please visit him on the web at

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