For Life

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    Publisher: Active Distribution

    Year: 2021

    Format: Pocketbook

    Size: 72 pages

    ISBN: 9781909798915

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Ever since the Zapatista’s shook the New World Order with their uprising in 1994 they have inspired and educated revolutionaries and activists from all over the world. Many of those activists travelled to Mexico to help with the Zapatista’s campaigns especially the “caravans” and marches from Chiapas to Mexico City. Now it is the Zapatista’s turn to visit the rest of the world and they are starting with Europe. The six “declarations” within explain why and what the Zapatista’s hope for from this tour 25 years on from their emergence.

Proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go towards the Zapatista tour costs. 500 euros was gven to the Zapatistas at their Zagreb meeting in Sept 2021 from proceeds of this pamphlets sales so far.

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