Crimes of the Secret Police

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    Robert Dion

    Publisher: Black Rose Books

    Year: 1982

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 228 pages

    ISBN: 9780919619579

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Written in the days before CSIS, looking at the RCMP's Security Service and its campaign of disruption and sabotage aimed at the Quebec Left.

It was in Quebec that the extent and magnitude of the crimes of the Security Service of the RCMP first become apparent. The revelations of the Keable Commission, established by a party that had been the victim of RCMP harassment, so embarrassed the Liberal government that the MacDonald Commission was hurriedly set-up to stem the flow.

Robert Dion, a Quebec journalist and researcher, covered the Keable Commission from its inception. In his book, Crimes of the Secret Police, he meticulously details the Liberal government’s initial attempts to stall the Keable Commission and how they virtually shut it down through jurisdictional disputes with the MacDonald Commission.

Crimes of the Secret Police also contains the first full account of the APLQ break-in, the theft and reproduction of the PQ membership lists and the RCMP’s manipulation and exploitation of the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) in the early Seventies.

In a new chapter, not included in the original French edition, the author analyses the MacDonald Commission report and contrasts it with that of the Keable Commission. Crimes of the Secret Police is an indispensable book for all those concerned with the present and future role of the secret police in Canada.

What People Are Saying

“…an indictment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that should be regarded as seriously as the book’s title suggests.” Canadian Book Review Annual

“The First and only book to treat the RCMP transgressions in a political context.” Quill & Quire

Table of Contents

1. The APLQ Break-In
2. “A Good Offence:” The Infiltration of the Movements
3. Preparation of a “Dirty Trick”
4. Guarding the Loot
5. Operation Cover-Up
6. Curioser and Curioser
7. The Dark Side of Operation Bricole
8. Samson Explodes a Bomb- And Drops a Bombshell
9. A Tale of Two Commissions
10. A Conspiracy Against The Truth
11. Operation Ham
12. Keable tars the Veil
13. Robert Sampson- Star of the Witness Box
14. A Judicial Cover-up
15. Federal Manipulations of the MacDonald Commission
16. Keable Muzzled Again
17. Blackmail and Intimidation- The Daily Routine
18. Police Arsonists and Dynamite Thieves
19. FLQ Communiqués- Written by the RCMP
20. Out of Control
21. Muzzling the Commissions
22. Worse than Watergate
23. Conclusion
24. Aftermath: The MacDonald Commission
Appendix I: The Cossette-Trudel Letter
Appendix II: The RCMP Analysis
Appendix III: The MUCPD Analysis
Appendix IV: Legal Advice
Appendix V: Judge Hugessen’s Judgement
Appendix VI: RCMP / FLQ Communiqués

Book Details

Author: Robert Dion
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-919619-57-6
Size: 228 pages
Publisher: Black Rose Books
Year: 1982

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