Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy

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    Bonnie Burton

    Publisher: Quirk Books

    Year: 2016

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 112 pages

    ISBN: 9781594749278

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Grab a handful of glitter and get your girl power on with 25 subversive and easy-to-make projects.

This is what a feminist crafter looks like! Crafting with Feminism features 25 irreverent and easy-to-make projects that celebrate everything that rocks about girls, gals, and badass women. Wear your ideology on your sleeve by creating fierce custom merit badges. Prove that the political is personal with DIY power panties. Get cozy with a handmade Huggable Uterus Body Pillow, or craft heroine finger puppets to honor great women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, and bell hooks. Featuring tips on everything from beginner sewing stitches to building a kickin’ party playlist, and a totally empowering forward from “Queen of Geeks” Felicia Day, this book has everything you need for an awesome crafternoon.

What People Are Saying

“What I like most about [Crafting with Feminism] is its throwback feel. Eff the too-perfect Pinterest aesthetic; this tome reminds me of the pre-Etsy era, when 'zines were the norm and crafts were kind of crude (with an endearing, knowing touch of Regretsy as well—ahem, vagina tree ornaments). Viva la DIY revolucion!” Bust

“In this sassy craft book, pop-culture expert, crafter, writer, and feminist Burton offers more than two dozen DIY projects inspired by real and fictional feminists…. Perfection á la Martha Stewart is not the goal here. Approaching loaded issues with a light heart and sense of humor is the aim.” Booklist

“The projects in Crafting with Feminism ARE playful and funny, ironic and extroverted, but they also form a very solid, engaged education in modern feminism, body acceptance and body sovereignty....In many ways, Crafting with Feminism acts like a primer for a youthful feminist awakening for the twenty somethings.” Needle & Spindle

“I don't have time to tell you how much I love this book because I'm too busy crafting all my tampons into my imaginary friends. Also, I'm now out of tampons. Things are gonna get real weird if I forget to buy more.” Jenny Lawson, author of Furiously Happy

Crafting with Feminism reads much like Bonnie herself: fun, fierce, and forward. Reading it leaves you ready to DIY the inner bad-ass into your life.” Hannah Hart, host of “My Drunk Kitchen”

Crafting with Feminism not only gives you a wide variety of delightful crafts, but it also tries to leave you with some extra skills for the future! Why NOT learn to embroider while plotting the destruction of the patriarchy?!” Kelly Sue DeConnick, comic book creator of Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet

“Wait...did you say huggable uterus body pillow?...because you had me at vagina tree ornaments. Just as ‘feminist’ is a badge of honor in modern times so is being a maker. Bonnie has married the DIY spirit with a celebration of women. I know what I am doing this weekend.” Kari Byron, “MythBusters” co-host

“This book invites you to join a community of inspired, creative people who care about the world and want to make a difference one finger puppet at a time. Share your thoughts and feelings about feminism by making art with your hands and join the revolution!” Diva Zappa, fashion designer & crafter

“This book will help you both make and fly your fiercest feminist flag with pride.” Sam Maggs, author of The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy

“Teens, young women, and aging Gen Xers who long for the cut-and-paste riot grrrl era will get a kick out of Burton’s clever, craft-based celebration of womanhood.” Library Journal

“…irreverent and inspiring book of projects with a saucy, sarcastic bent…. These craft ideas offer lots of fun inspiration for DIY gifts for feisty women, and playlists of movies and music, party themes, and tips to make throwing a feminist craft night a breeze.” Foreword Reviews

“The change-the-world spirit of feminism combines with the DIY attitude of craft in this irreverent and inspiring book of projects with a saucy, sarcastic bent.” Foreword Reviews

“This cute little number is lighthearted fare, for the beginner to intermediate [crafter], as long as you have a silly sense of humor…With a forward by one of my favorite Supernatural alums, Felicia Day, who explains strong feminism with whimsy way better than I ever could… Crafting With Feminism is a perfect book.” Geeks of Doom

“The purpose of this book is pretty clear: to empower women and girls to own who they are and be proud to express themselves through craft.” GeekMom

“If you have been looking for a crafting book that pokes fun at many of the typical feminist clichés then look no further than Crafting with Feminism.” BioGamer Girl

“These projects are silly and funny and cool and will make your feminist soul reach for the sequins!” Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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