Blue Mars

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    Kim Stanley Robinson

    Publisher: Spectra

    Year: 1997

    Format: paperback

    Size: 784 pages

    ISBN: 9780553573350

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Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel • Soon to be a series on Spike TV

One of the most enthralling science fiction sagas ever written, Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic trilogy concludes with Blue Mars—a triumph of prodigious research and visionary storytelling.

The red planet is no more. Now green and verdant, Mars has been dramatically altered from a desolate world into one where humans can flourish. The First Hundred settlers are being pulled into a fierce new struggle between the Reds, a group devoted to preserving Mars in its desert state, and the Green “terraformers.” Meanwhile, Earth is in peril. A great flood threatens an already overcrowded and polluted planet. With Mars the last hope for the human race, the inhabitants of the red planet are heading toward a population explosion—or interplanetary war.

What People Are Saying

“A breakthrough even from [Robinson’s] own consistently high levels of achievement.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Exhilarating . . . a complex and deeply engaging dramatization of humanity’s future.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“[Blue Mars] brings the epic to a rousing conclusion.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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