Big Brick Energy: A Multi-City Study of the 2020 George Floyd Uprising

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    Unity and Struggle

    Publisher: Common Notions

    Year: 2022

    Format: Saddle-Stitched

    Size: 25 pages


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A Full-Color Print Edition of Big Brick Energy, Authored by Unity & Struggle.

Big Brick Energy takes a step beyond anecdotes and hot takes. For a year, members of Unity and Struggle studied the uprising by interviewing fifteen comrades in five cities, compiling news coverage from the same cities, and surveying official reports from local governments and police departments in seventeen cities nationwide. We drew out common dynamics across locations, identified tactics and strategies that the movement and the ruling class used, explored what worked or didn't, and highlighted important challenges and questions that a future uprising will likely encounter.

Unity and Struggle is a national anti-state communist collective. We
envision a liberatory society in which people enjoy direct control and decision making power over the forces that shape our lives, and in which our collective wealth is shared freely to advance humanity. Such a revolutionary transformation requires the growth, and eventual coalescing, of existing independent movements to abolish racism, sexism, capitalism, and the state. We take part in this process by participating in local struggles to build working-class power, autonomy, and internationalism.

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Tags: activism ....... autonomist and left communist ....... Black Liberation ....... organization ....... policing and repression .......