Anticapitalist Economy in Rojava: The Contradictions of Revolution in the Kurdish Struggles

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    Azize Aslan

    Publisher: Daraja Press

    Year: 2023

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 150 pages

    ISBN: 9781990263712

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This book looks at the anti-capitalist economy and the organization of social relations in the context of the revolution and autonomy of Rojava (Kurdistan-Syria). It questions both the limitations and the historical problems of the phenomenon of revolution, and the conflicts and contradictions that emerge in this process. It also draws from the conflicts and contradictions the author has consistently felt as a “political subject” who wants to change the world, especially through her experience in the Kurdish struggle and the Kurdish Movement. For this reason, every question she raises and attempts to answer in this book—about the Kurds, Rojava, and the world in general, involves what she says is her own subjectivity.

The idea and dreams of revolution have existed since humans created systems of domination. Indeed, revolution, meaning the liberation from systems of domination, has undoubtedly been one of the most discussed subjects in history. There have been moments when the possibility of revolution has been clearer, and there have also been certain agreements on what it is and how to get there, but it has never been something completely definable. This continues to be true today. This book does not intend to define this great phenomenon, rather it looks at the revolutionary practices that create emancipating realities and embraces revolution as an undefined, contradictory and dynamic process. Although the rulers have traditionally written history, the history of social struggles has been and is still being created by many revolutionary and transformational processes. The future is being shaped based on desired revolutions and the struggles that, in turn, transform their actors, the people. Therefore, the desire and quest of the Kurdish people for liberation from the colonial rule of the nation-states of the Middle East—the subject of this book—has always been directly linked to the phenomenon of revolution.

Table of Contents


Preface by John Holloway


Debating Revolution and Emancipation in the Kurdish Struggle

The Common History of Resistance

Rojava’s Autonomy as a Movement

The Anti-Capitalist Economy in Rojava

The Lessons of the Rojava Revolution


List of interviews

List of abbreviations

Some institution names

List of cities and regions

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