All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life

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    Winona LaDuke

    Publisher: Haymarket Books

    Year: 2016

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 256 pages

    ISBN: 9781608466290

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Haymarket Books proudly brings back into print Winona LaDuke's seminal work of Native resistance to oppression.

This thoughtful, in-depth account of Native struggles against environmental and cultural degradation features chapters on the Seminoles, the Anishinaabeg, the Innu, the Northern Cheyenne, and the Mohawks, among others. Filled with inspiring testimonies of struggles for survival, each page of this volume speaks forcefully for self-determination and community.

About the Author

Winona LaDuke was named by Time in 1994 as one of America's fifty most promising leaders under forty. In 1996 and 2000, LaDuke served as Ralph Nader's vice presidential running mate in the Green Party.

What People Are Saying

"A brilliant, gripping narrative ... I urge that everyone read [All Our Relations] ... which describes the raveges of corporations and government activity on the reservations for our first natives. This is a beautifully written book.... As Winona LaDuke describes, in moving and often beautiful prose, [these] misdeeds are not distant history but are ongoing degradation of the cherished land of Native Americans." —Ralph Nadar

As Winona LaDuke's All Our Relations shows, a vital Native American environmentalism is linking indigenous people throughout North America and Hawaii in the fight to protect and restore their health, culture, and the ecosystems on their lands. LaDuke herself is a member of the Anishinaabeg nation and was Ralph Nader's Green Party running matte in 1996. These Native American activists take inspiration from their forebears' responsible treatment of natural systems, based on reverence for the interconnectedness of all life forms." —The Nation

In this thoroughly researched and convincingly written analysis of Native American culture . . . LaDuke demonstrates the manner in which native people face a constant barrage of attacks that threaten their very existence." —Choice

"[LaDuke] presents strong voices of old, old cultures bravely trying to make sense of an Earth in chaos." —Whole Earth

'With a good ear and sharp eye, LaDuke introduces us to Native activists and records gross environmental abuse and creative resistance. By placing people in the center of industrial soup, LaDuke tells a story that has not been told before in this way." —Radcliffe Quarterly

"A rare perspective on Native history and culture." —Sister to Sister

"One of the pleasures of reading All Our Relations is discovering the unique voices of Native people, especially Native women, speaking in their own Native truths." —Women's Review of Books

"LaDuke unabashedly confronts spiritual and political grassroots missions with a tenacity that, as she explains, springs up from devotion to the land." —City Pages

"A thoughtful, candid, in-depth account of Native resistance to environmental and cultural degradation ... La Duke provides a unique understanding of Native ideas ... offering a beautiful and daring vision of political, spiritual ... transformation." —Midwest book Review

" Winona LaDuke describes, in moving and often beautiful prose, [these] misdeeds are not distant history but are ongoing degradation of the cherished lands of Native Americans." —Public Citizen News

"Hers is a beautiful and daring vision of political, spiritual, and ecological transformation. All Our Relations is essential reading for everyone who cares about the fate of the Earth and indigenous peoples." —Winds of Change

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