ABO Comix: A Queer Prisoner's Anthology Vol. 5

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    ABO Comix (ed.)

    Publisher: ABO Comix


    Format: Paperback

    Size: 4


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From ABO Comix:

ABO Comix: A Queer Prisoner's Anthology Vol.5 is the fifth volume of our comic book series featuring stories created by over 35 queer and trans prisoners that detail life on the inside. This full-color magnum opus features comics and art from many of our Vol.1-4 contributors, as well as a ton of new artists.

The A.B.O Comix anthology is a raw, authentic look into prison life from a queer perspective. This book features accomplished cartoonists and first time doodlers in an effort to amplify the voices of all LGBTQ prisoners we are able. Proceeds from this anthology go back to the contributors so that they can access commissary & gender affirming items, healthcare and legal support.

About ABO Comix

A.B.O. Comix is a collective of creators and activists who work to amplify the voices of LGBTQ prisoners through art. By working closely with prison abolitionist and queer advocacy organizations, we aim to keep queer prisoners connected to outside community and help them in the fight toward liberation. The profits we generate go back to incarcerated artists, especially those with little to no resources. Using the DIY ideology of "punk-zine" culture, A.B.O. was formed with the philosophy of mutual support, community and friendship.

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