Unlock the Box: Documenting the Struggle to Shut Down Prison Control Units

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    Publisher: LeftWingBooks


    Format: DVD

    Size: 114 minutes


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Unlock the Box is a movie documenting the struggle to put an end to long-term isolation in u.$. prisons that has been waged by prisoners and activists for decades. Starting from the premise that long-term isolation is a form of torture that serves no purpose except the state's oppressive aims at social control, Unlock the Box documents the many forms of struggle that this movement has taken over the years.

Each narrative is highlighted by the voices and artwork of current and former prisoners who have done time in control units. Also featured, is new research on the growth and extent of the use of long-term isolation in the united $tates. Throughout the movie there is a focus on lessons from struggle and analysis of the relationship between the prison movement and the global effort to put an end to imperialism in all its forms. The desired purpose of the movie is to continue to bring the realities of the torture going on in these prisons to a broader audience and to help create greater clarity on what needs to be done to replace a system of torture with a system that works in the interests of humynity.

This documentary provides the background necessary to understand the 2011 California prisoners' hungerstrike and many other battles across the country. A vital study of the high tech torture chambers that confront rebellious prisoners in the united states.

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Format: DVD NTSC
Size: 114 minutes
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2008

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