Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies

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    Anitra Nelson, Frans Timmerman

    Publisher: Pluto Books

    Year: 2011

    Format: Paperback

    Size: 256 pages

    ISBN: 9780745331652

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Examines the failure of the money-based global economy and how we might live in more sustainable, equitable ways

The money-based global economy is failing. The credit crunch undermined capitalism's ability to ensure rising incomes and prosperity while market-led attempts to combat climate change are fought tooth and nail by business as environmental crises continue.

We urgently need to combat those who say "there is no alternative" to the current system, but what would an alternative look like? The contributors to Life Without Money argue that it is time radical, non-market models were taken seriously. The book brings together diverse voices presenting strong arguments against our money-based system's ability to improve lives and prevent environmental disaster. Crucially, it provides a direct strategy for undercutting capitalism by refusing to deal in money, and offers money-free models of governance and collective sufficiency.

Life Without Money is written by high-profile activist scholars, including Harry Cleaver, Ariel Salleh, and John O'Neill, making it an excellent text for political economy and environmental courses, as well as an inspiring manifesto for those who want to take action.

About the Editors

Anitra Nelson is Honorary Principal Fellow at the Informal Urbanism Research Hub (InfUr-), University of Melbourne, Australia and co-author of Exploring Degrowth, co-editor of Life Without Money and author of Marx's Concept of Money.

Frans Timmerman (1947‚Äď2014) was a socialist faction leader in the Australian Labor Party and political adviser to members of parliament. He edited Free Palestine, published by the General Palestinian Delegation in Australia and was the co-editor of Life Without Money.

What People Are Saying
"An indispensable collection for those who are bold enough to explore this dramatic prospect. Life Without Money is an essential guidebook for the great debate now unfolding and around which our hopes for a worthwhile future unfold." Joel Kovel, author of Enemy of Nature (2002; 2007) and Overcoming Zionism (Pluto, 2007)
"A timely contribution to an under-researched and under reported area of economics: the theory of money and proposals for alternatives to the globalised capitalist financial system." Molly Scott Cato, Reader in Green Economics, Cardiff School of Management

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