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    Publisher: Radical Jewish Calendar



    Size: 8.5 x 11, 30 pages

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This project was dreamed up by friends and comrades who were tired of using chabad calendars with advertisements for cemeteries as their only reference for Jewish holy days. We have rejected some of the dates we find on a “traditional” Jewish calendar, holidays that celebrate contemporary militarism and nationalism exclusively (ie. Yom Ha’atzmaut). We chose to include dates that, while challenging to our queer, feminist and anti-Zionist values, hold a centuries of Jewish tradition and culture (ie. Chanukkah). We have added days that reflect and build the Judaism and Jewish culture that we want to live: that celebrate queer and feminist history; honor the racial, ethnic, cultural and historical diversity within Jews; and that lift up resistance to the Occupation of Palestine.

We know that there is so much more that could be included: more leftist Jewish history and culture to be made visible and celebrated, more dates to include that celebrate Mizrahim, Sephardim and Jews of Color in Jewish life and history. We will work, for as many years as we create this calendar, to uncover more untold stories, places and people, and to be part of creating, contributing to, and growing from the Jewish left.

At the printers; orders should be in the mail by August 20th.

About the Team

Content Editor, Jessica Rosenberg (she/her), makes meeting agendas, tuna noodle casseroles, and, now, calendars. She enjoys getting up with the sun, organizing for the just redistribution of resources, and propagating wandering Jews of all kinds.

Art Editor, Elissa Martel (she/her) has been a weird art kid since childhood, and peaked in 4th grade when she sang with Celine Dion. Most recent peak has been working on this amazing calendar with a team of babes, obvi.

Layout Editor, Ariana Katz (she/her) learned how to do layout from being a nerdy high schooler hiding in the newspaper office and making zines. She likes ritual, intergenerational revolutionary learning, remembering birthdays, and parshat hashavuah.


From previous years:

This Year's Artwork

Previews coming soon!

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