4Strugglemag #19 Summer 2011

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    Publisher: 4strugglemag



    Size: 46 pages


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The Summer 2011 issue of this prisoners' magazine, published by the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross


  • Letters
  • Destruction of Culture
  • Black August 2011: Editor’s Introduction
  • Black August: A Celebration of Freedom Fighters
  • geronimo ji jaga, 1947-2011
  • Sundiata Acoli Remembers geronimo
  • Lynne Stewart remembers geronimo
  • Leonard Peltier Remembers Geronimo Pratt
  • Blood of a slave, strength of a panther
  • Self-Awareness
  • On Being Anti-Racist
  • Running Down the Walls 2011
  • Tarantelle
  • First Nations Under Surveillance: Harper Government Prepares for First Nations “Unrest”
  • Activists Cry Foul over FBI Probe
  • Activists Get $50,000 for FBI & St. Paul Police Raid Prior to 2008 Republican Convention
  • Canadian Media Fails to Deliver: Media Coverage of Canada Post Labour Dispute Uncritical, Inaccurate
  • Activist Jaggi Singh Given Suspended Sentence for G20 Speech
  • People’s Lawyer Gets Jail Sentence
  • Dialogue on Libya: Editor’s introduction
  • The Signs of the Defeat of the Libyan Revolution
  • An Anti-Imperialist Analysis of the War Against Libya
  • Wars and Revolutions
  • Cynthia McKinney Speaks on Libyan TV
  • NATO: A Feast of Blood
  • Why Libya Matters
  • Black Guard (UNI 2)
  • Ely State Prison, Nevada: A Place of Depravity, Death and Despair

Book Details

Format: saddle-stitched magazine
Size: 46 pages
Publisher: LeftWingBooks
Year: 2011

Tags: 4strugglemag ....... anticapitalism ....... Black Liberation .......